Since its formation in 1987 Davenport Hardware has worked hard to create a strong customer base and excellent working relations with our associates in the industry. The company’s efforts to foster comfortable exchanges between contractors, architects and the company as well as their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction are reflected in their portfolio’s collection of installations and references.

Hardware Installations

In the many years Davenport Hardware has been in operation, the company has overseen and completed numerous installations. Each of these installations was effected in the shortest possible time, with the needs of the consumer in mind.


While Davenport Hardware built itself around the company’s unique SitePoint packaging and MultiPoint Conversions as well as their fabrication services and customer service model, it also emphasized the importance of good working relationships within the industry. Consequently, Davenport Hardware has become known as a dependable company that will go to great lengths to ensure the best possible service and results for consumers, and the most efficient and straight-forward of partnerships for the Architects and contractors.