Davenport Hardware has years of experience with a wide variety of today’s fine finish hardware manufacturers, a knowledge which gives the company the opportunity to provide the most comprehensive service possible. Friendly and productive interactions with consumers including consultation, ordering, plan development and installation are the basis of Davenport Hardware’s customer service model and reflect not only the company’s experience, but also its dedication to providing the best service possible.


Davenport Hardware always keeps the needs of it’s consumers in mind, and our experience helps us offer the best service, both in policy and practice. The company’s consultation procedures include our insistence on precision, timeliness and quality. Our complete, precise and well organized hardware schedules form the basis of our unparalleled SitePoint Packaging System and help us to assure the accuracy which is so important when completing purchases and conversions for our customers.

Hardware Purchasing

Davenport Hardware’s owner, Ken Fein, has spent years interacting with the companies which manufacture some of today’s most creative and remarkable collections of home hardware. These interactions served to create the professional relationships which enable the company to offer hardware from such notable manufacturers as Baldwin, Rocky Mountain Hardware, Heritage Hardware and PE Guerin, among others, at prices considerably lower than those available to the average consumer.

Customization and MultiPoint Conversions

The company believes firmly in the importance of providing options for the customer, whether they are in manufactures, finishes, or product combinations and it is for this reason that Davenport Hardware’s customization services were created. Services range from replication or refinishing to complete fabrication. Each of these services allows the customer greater freedom when making their decisions about their personal hardware.

Davenport Hardware’s exclusive specialty MultiPoint Conversions and adaptations for Pella and Marvin doors and windows are the company’s particular area of expertise. MultiPoint conversions allow the company to provide the broadest possible range of hardware to the potential customer, regardless of their choice of door and window providers and are a part of Davenport Hardware’s comprehensive customer services.

SitePoint Packaging

One of the most frustrating aspects of hardware installation is vast volume of actual hardware and accessories which must be compiled for any given project. This profusion of hardware must be separated into groups, and then installed correctly, exactly where it belongs. Grouping all of the necessary plates, screws, strikes and hardware together for proper installation can be extremely time-consuming. Davenport Hardware’s organized schedules and unique SitePoint Packaging system were created to save money for the customer and time for the installers by preventing the confusion that can accompany dozen of boxes of poorly organized hardware. The SitePoint system is just one part of the company’s continuing campaign to provide the best possible service in all areas of the trade.