Occasionally when choosing hardware for a project a customer will find that the particular hardware they find desirable does not come in the finish they prefer. In an effort to provide the widest range of possible products to customers, Davenport Hardware offers refinishing services. Similarly, some customers may find that the particular form of hardware they desire is no longer available, as is the case with some antique hinges, knobs and latches. The company is pleased to offer replication services which allow Davenport Hardware to provide those styles which are otherwise unobtainable. Finally, Davenport Hardware offers the consumer complete customization, by volunteering our fabrication services to those customers who find that nothing that matches their particular projects requirements.

Multipoint Conversions

Among the most fashionable and stylish manufactures of doors and windows are Pella and Marvin, companies which supply lovely products that are unfortunately incompatible with the vast majority of fine finish hardware due to their unique configuration. Davenport Hardware has created a solution to this problem, with MultiPoint Conversions. This exclusive process turns the most troublesome of combinations into a perfect fit, allowing customers a wider range of choices in hardware for their Pella or Marvin doors or windows.